Tonight + Sunday & Monday Forecast

Tonight (Saturday 25th May 2019):

Tonight the large band of rain moving across Scotland and Northern England will begin to split, leaving widespread moderate showers across these regions, even spreading to the Midlands for a short time this evening. Heading into the early hours of the morning, the next band of rain makes it way into the northern regions of the United Kingdom. This will bring isolated intense downpours to Northern Ireland and Scotland, with further moderate showers expected for Northern England. Wales and the Midlands will see some light scattered showers through the morning.

Temperatures across the majority of the United Kingdom will remain in the high teens heading through the early evening, but for Scotland and Northern England the temperatures are already falling into the the low double figures, and even falling into single figures for some areas of Scotland and Northern England. Western regions will be the next areas to fall into the low double figures, leaving just the Midlands, SE and EA between 13-18°C. 04:00 is forecast to be the coolest period during the evening, with North Scotland seeing temperatures falling down to 2°C, with the central belt of the UK seeing 12-14°C. This central belt across the Midlands and the lower quarter of Northern England will see 17°C by 06:00.

Wind speeds are forecast to remain on the low side, with Scotland and Southern England seeing gentle wind speeds throughout much of the evening and tomorrow morning. Where as the central band will see wind speeds hitting 28 mph, with gusts hitting 35 mph in the same region. Parts of Scotland and North-East England will see wind gusts and winds struggling to rise above 5 mph.

Sunday 26th May 2019:

The large band of rain which will affect north-west regions of the UK, will proceed to head east. The center of rainfall will pass straight over Hull, with moderate and heavy rainfall being seen as it moves across. Scotland will see a washout for the morning, with 95-100% cloud cover, and most of which will see rain falling. Scattered rainfall will be seen across Northern Ireland, Wales, SW England and the Midlands. Heading through the afternoon, the entire UK will see rainfall becoming more patchy and the intensity falling. Showers will begin to move south-east across the UK, which will bring scattered showers to East Midlands, SE England and East Anglia, these showers are forecast to remain light.

East Anglia will take the highest temperatures of the day with 22-23°C being seen, compared to London at 19°C. High altitudes across Scotland will struggle to see temperatures rising above 4°C, with the west generally being cooler than the east.

A step up in wind speeds will be seen with the average speed coming in at 24 mph for much of the day, before Scotland and south coast sees lighter wind speeds slowly moving in, throughout the evening. Wind gusts will peak at 40 mph across West Scotland, and parts of Northern Ireland.

Monday 27th May 2019:

A dry start for the south, Midlands and Wales, whilst the rest of the United Kingdom will see scattered rainfall bring mainly light rainfall, but moderate showers will be in the mix to bring 3mm per hour. Rainfall will move south throughout the day, bringing light rain to Midlands, East Anglia and Southern England, with widespread moderate rainfall breaking out across central and eastern Scotland.

The temperatures are taking another drop heading into Bank Holiday Monday with highs of 18°C, being seen within London, with the south-east of the UK taking the highest temperature. The north-west will see temperatures staying within single figures.

Light wind speeds across the south will fade during the morning, whilst remaining in place across Scotland. Winds speeds to vary from 23-29 mph for England and Wales, but heading back into the late evening the wind speeds will lower, bring a calmer night. Wind gusts will peak at 32 mph across central Northern England, with wind gusts not rising above 5 mph for central Scotland.

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