Monday 13th May 2019 – Weather Forecast

Monday will see a largely dry day, with the odd shower forming across the north coast of Scotland, throughout the day. Any shower that does affect landfall will be light, and fast moving.
There will be some cloud cover, which will tend to affect the same areas throughout the day. England will see the clearest of spells, with the south-west having the clearest of conditions.
Temperatures will fall into the low single figures across the board, with north Wales recording the highest minimum temperature at 7°C, compared to north-east England seeing the lowest minimum temperature at 2°C.
It will then be Scotland which sees the quickest warm-up, with temperatures already hitting 15-16°C across the north coastline by 09:00, whilst London is still seeing 12°C. Scotland will continue to pump in the highest temperatures across the United Kingdom, reaching 20°C. Northern regions will see temperatures ranging from 15-20°C, with the southern regions struggling to break through 16°C, even London is only expected to hit 18°C.
London will take the highest surface temperature, hitting 25°C at the peak, whilst all areas of the UK, apart from the coastline will see the surface temperatures between 18-21°C.
The wind chill is set to have little affect on the actual temperature at 15:00, the warmest hour of the day, but during the coolest hour of the day 05:00, it will make it feel below zero for the south coast, south Wales and Northern Ireland.
Calm winds will remain across England and Wales throughout the day, whilst Northern Ireland and Scotland begin to see stronger gusts build, hitting 26 mph at their peak. The main feed of wind will be from the east, but this will turn to a southerly as the wind wraps around the centre of high pressure sat out in the North Sea.
The risk of thunderstorms are nill, as the high pressure brings settled conditions to the United Kingdom, after the dominant low pressure we saw over the last couple of weeks.

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