Friday 10th (17:00) - Saturday 11th (06:00) 2019

This evening showers will continue to intense further, whilst spreading further apart, become more isolated. Rainfall will reach a maximum of 20 mm per hour during the heaviest of downpours, and a rumble of thunder or two could be heard within these showers. These showers will continue at the peak intensity until that of 20:00, when the showers will begin to reduce back to moderate levels, whilst moving north-east, the risk of a rumble is still in the equation until 23:00.

Overnight the showers will tend to ease-off and dissipate, apart from an area across the east Midlands and NE England, spreading into parts of East Anglia also, with a small area of moderate rainfall affecting the northern part of the band, this is in addition the an area of rain continue to affect eastern Scotland, with moderate rainfall being seen here also.

The main time frame for storms developing is 17:00 – 19:00, from this point forward the CAPE and Lifted Index values will settle down, reducing the risk of storms from developing, and any storms in progress will die out because of a lack of energy.

Heavy snowfall is very possible throughout tonight across the ranges, but will reduce as the rainfall pulls out to the eastern front, leaving a drier spell.


18:00: Maximum: 15°C (London) | Minimum: 1°C (Cairn Gorm) | Surface: 1°C (Cairn Gorm) | Wind Chill: -3°C (Cairn Gorm)

21:00: Maximum: 13°C (London) | Minimum: -1°C (Cairn Gorm) | Surface: 0°C (Cairn Gorm) | Wind Chill: -4°C (Cairn Gorm)

00:00: Maximum: 11°C (London) | Minimum: -2°C (Cairn Gorm) | Surface: -2°C (Cairn Gorm) | Wind Chill: -4°C (Loch Lomond & The Trossachs)

03:00: Maximum: 10°C (London) | Minimum: -2°C (Cairn Gorm) | Surface: -3°C (Brecon Beacons) | Wind Chill: -4°C (Loch Lomond & The Trossachs)

0600: Maximum: 11°C (London) | Minimum: -1°C (Cairn Gorm) | Surface: 2°C (Cairn Gorm) | Wind Chill: -5°C (Cairn Gorm)

Wind speeds still remain low, with eastern areas seeing the highest at this time. 14 mph speeds with 21 mph gusts can be expected, but throughout this evening into tomorrow, it will be the mainland which sees wind speeds decrease, to calm levels with gusts peaking at 14 mph, whilst Northern Ireland deals with 20 – 30 mph wind gusts.

We will see another largely dominant northerly flow, flood northern regions with cooler air. The south will notice a small impact on temperature, but only be a degree or two, as warm air tries to move in, from the south and the east.

The jetstream is south of the United Kingdom at this time, which is allowing the cooler air to dominate the UK, compared to the usual warm jets we would be basking in at this time of the year. The jet is set to move north, throughout the week into next weekend, which will allow the warm air to flood back into the United Kingdom, bringing high teens.

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