Privacy Policy

  1. Information acquired
    • We may ask for your GPS location, when using the website/app. This is to pin-point your location on a weather radar, or for weather forecasts.
    • When submitting a form entry, your name and email address is required, to allow us to make contact with yourself.
  2.  Adverts
    • We do run adverts across the site and on the app. These adverts are placed to generate revenue for JMWForecast LTD. The adverts are placed by Google Adsense.
  3.  How we use collected information
    • JMWForecast LTD will only use information supplied, to contact yourself after you have made first contact, or signed-up to our monthly newsletter. 
    • No information is sold or passed on to any other business or person.
  4.  Responsibility
    • If you face any issue with the app or the website, an email can be sent to Please tell us as much information as possible, and we will reply ASAP.
    • We cannot be held accountable for any problems you face by clicking on any links across the website. We ensure our website and app is completely safe, but cannot guarantee the same is done for companies and pages linked on the site.
  5.  How long is information held for
    • JMWForecast LTD will hold data for a maximum of 3 months, unless you are a current member of the site, or subscribed to the newsletter service.
    • After the 3 month period, the information will be removed from out database, and all email accounts which you have had exchanges with.
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