Welcome To JMWForecast

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JMWForecast is a weather organisation working to provide UK kart circuits with:

 – Accurate reliable forecast.

 – Frequent updates regarding any changes.

 – Severe weather alerts, which will affect a kart meeting.

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Alongside the karting forecasts, which are currently issued for:

 – Hunts Kart Racing Club (Kimbolton)

 – Rissington Kart Club

 – Shenington Kart Racing Club

 – Trent Valley Kart Club (PF International)

 – Whilton Mill Kart Club

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We also issue updates regarding severe weather, which could be linked to:

 – Severe Thunderstorms

 – Heavy Snowfall

 – Damaging Wind Gusts

 – Potential Flooding

 – Dense Fog

The list goes on and on.

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All updates are relayed on to social media:

 – Facebook: JMWForecastLTD

 – Twitter: JMWForecastLTD

 – Instagram: JMWForecastLTD


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