Before the forecast, I would like to share my condolences to Charlie Whiting’s Family. An amazing man which brought so much to Formula 1, and allowed the field to stay fair, with no questions. You will be forever missed! RIP Charlie Whiting.

Saturday 16th March 2019

Moderate rainfall will begin the day, with light rain moving in for 06:00, before clearing to light cloud by 09:00. The cloud will begin to build heading towards 12:00, with the risk of rain increasing especially into the early afternoon. Heavy rain will then return heading into the late hours of Saturday.

The temperatures will start mild, before increase to 10°C, a fairly quick descent will come into action heading into Sunday, this is where we will see the lowest temperature at 6°C. The wind chill will knock 4-5°C of the air temperature, making it feel chilly.

Wind speeds will begin heading towards moderate levels at 26 mph, after a calm start, under 10 mph being seen for the first three hours of the day. Wind gusts will be powerful when they strike hitting 46 – 48 mph.

Sunday 17th March 2019

The latest chart information suggests a dry day, with some light rain becoming possible between 12:00 – 18:00. The risk of sleet and snow has not faded, the dew point will remain around 0°C allowing ice crystals to form, and wintry showers to fall. When a shower or two strikes in the afternoon, the temperature is expected to fall by a good 3°C possibly 4 or 5°C, which will bring an increased risk of snowfall.

Temperatures will fall to a low of 2°C at 06:00, before increase to 7°C by 15:00, temperatures will be up and down throughout, with no steady clear picture yet emerging.

Wind are expected to be much calmer, than those seen on Saturday. A peak 18 mph average wind speed is expected with a low of 14 mph. Wind gusts on the other hand will start at 27 mph, before increasing to 34 mph over midday, these gusts will back to 24 mph ending the day, heading into Monday.

JMWForecast will continue to monitor the chart data, and the radar imagery to try and find a pattern in the data being produced, but with the constant change in the incoming cold air, and precipitation movement, it is turning into a now casting event.

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