Shenington Kart Racing Club will be holding the third round of the 2019 championship this approaching weekend. As mentioned via Facebook on Tuesday 12th the risk of snow remains for the early hours of Sunday morning. The reasoning for the risk of wintry precipitation, is a low pressure system moving east across the United Kingdom, dragging cold air down from the Arctic Circle with its movement.  The cold air will make it feel chilly on the ground, but the low pressure will not the deep colds, experienced through winter.

Saturday 16th March 2019

Saturday will begin with moderate rainfall during the early hours of the morning. Between 06:00 – 12:00 moderate rainfall will remain within 20 miles of the circuit, but gaps will develop during this same period, producing some lighter precipitation, or the low probability of a totally dry spell. The afternoon will bring further light rainfall to the circuit, with the chance of clearer spells nearing 0%. 21:00 – 23:59 will see the risk of moderate rainfall increase, whilst the risk of sleet and snow increases also.

The temperatures starting the day will be mild for the time of the year, at 11°C, but the early hours will see temperatures fall to 7°C, from this point forward the temperature will struggle to rise, with thick cloud dominating the skies, and cold air moving in from the west. The lowest temperature will be 3°C at 23:00. The surface temperature will start at the same temperature as the air, whilst remaining for stable throughout the day. Into the afternoon the continued rainfall will lower the air temperature, and heading into the late evening the ground temperature will end up 1°C below the air temperature. The feel like temperature will be between 4-6°C below the air temperature.

The late hours of Saturday will see dew temperatures head towards zero degrees. The dew point is required to be 0°C or below for snow to take place, but under 3°C will  bring sleety conditions. Shenington will see 1-2°C based on the current models, producing the wintry showers which were forecast Tuesday.

Wind speeds will remain moderate, reaching high levels at midday. The highest wind speed forecast is 38 mph, heading north-east, forcing cold air to move across the UK, after being dragged over western Europe. Wind gusts will be 10-15 mph higher than that of the average wind speed seen.

Sunday 17th March 2019

During the early hours of Sunday, the skies will begin to clear, as doing so the temperature will fall a couple of degrees, leading to further risk of snowfall reaching 40% by 03:00. The driest spell is expected during the late morning, with light rainfall forecast for the afternoon. 18:00 brings a 20% risk of further wintry showers developing, as the temperatures fall. The skies will clear once again the end the day.

The temperatures will start at 3°C before falling to 1°C at 03:00, then 0°C at 06:00. Temperatures will begin the increase to reach a high of 7°C once again, but at 15:00, rather than 06:00 on Saturday. Temperatures will fall back to 1°C to start Monday. A frost is expected to start the morning as the ground temperature falls to -1°C, creating dangerous travel conditions on un-treated surfaces. As clear spells develop the ground will heat to 10°C, but where precipitation falls a drastic fall in the surface temperature will take place. A frost will begin developing by 18:00, as the surface temperature hits 0°C, getting lower heading into Monday. The feel-like temperature will be between 4-5°C during the morning, before extending to 7°C below by midday, and levelling out to 1°C lower by the end of the day.

The dew point temperature is forecast to remain below 0°C for the entire day, this will bring the risk of wintry showers developing during any precipitation. When precipitation does occur, the air and ground temperature will both fall between 3-5°C.

Wind speeds will be much lower than those seen on Saturday, with the highest average speed being 15 mph, and the gusts hitting 32 mph. A slight pick up will take place midday, and during times of precipitation. Low temperatures will be seen through the upper levels, bringing the low dew point temperatures, and low feel like temps.

Forecast Schedule:

Thursday 14th March 2019 – Quick update regarding Shenington

Friday 15th March 2019 – Full detailed forecast update regarding Shenington

Saturday 16th March 2019 – Full detailed race forecast

Sunday 17th March 2019 – No scheduled forecast, due to marshalling at Shenington.

Forecaster: Jordan Montgomery

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