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You will found the written forecast for the weekend below, along with the detailed hourly tables, use which ever format you prefer. Also see the attached image directly under this section, referring to race day this coming Sunday!


The early hours of the morning are set to see foggy conditions, after a hot spring day on Friday. This clear is forecast to clear by 09:00, allowing another beautiful clear day, much like that seen on Thursday for the test day. Temperatures will hit a high of 20/21°C with these temperatures being around 7-8°C higher in direct sunlight. The wind chill will knock the temperature down a little during the morning and evening, but at peak temperature the feel like is expected to match air temps.

The humidity will follow the usual track for an average day. 93% will start the day before falling to a low of 64% between the hours of 15:00 and 16:00, and then rising back to 92% to end the day.

Wind speeds will be very low throughout the day, the tables below use km/h to display the speed, but the highest wind speed that will be seen in MPH will be 6 mph. These low wind speeds will allow the feel like temperature to match that of the air temperature, through the late morning and afternoon. The direction will mainly come from the east, swinging between a E and NNE, which will drag a slightly cooler breeze through when it does.

The pressure will be falling throughout the day, but at a nice slow pace, 1032 mb will start the day before falling to 1029 mb to end the day, this is because of a low pressure system trying to move in from the west, which will bring a system of rain across northern areas of the United Kingdom.

No rainfall is forecast through any point of the day, and there is absolutely no risk of snowfall for the first Shenington round of 2019.


Sunday will bring a clear start to the morning allowing temperatures to fall down to 4°C, feeling more like 1°C to start, but as the sun gets into action, the temperatures will rise to reach 19°C on current forecasts, but 21°C can still be expected, and once again we do expected temperatures to be 7-8°C in direct sunlight. Cloud is set to build into the late evening, which will hold the warm temperatures into Monday, but these will not show any signs of developing through the days racing. The feel like temperature is forecast to match the air temperature once again, during the late morning and afternoon, whilst feeling cooler during the early morning and evening.

The humidity will start at 92%, before falling to a low of 60% between the hours of 15:00 and 16:00, this is before a rise but not as rapid as seen during Saturday, only reaching 85% as we head into Monday.

The wind speeds on the whole will be ever lower than those seen on Saturday, with maximum speeds reaching 5 mph, meaning large parts of the day, there could be no wind at all, which could lead to the feel like temperature exceeding the air temperature for the first day of 2019 so far. The direction will mainly be an easterly once again, but this time swinging south rather than north, which will dig into some of the warmer air sat across the Netherlands.

The pressure will fall rapidly through the day, falling from the starting pressure of 1028 down to 1016 mb, as the low pressure system continues to take hold of the northern regions of the United Kingdom, bringing intense rainfall.

Shenington once again has no risk of rainfall through any point of the day, and there is no risk of any snowfall.

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