Shenington Kart Racing Club – June #1

Total Entries: 158

Saturday 15th June 2019

Mostly dry morning, wet afternoon, evening to see rainfall breaking and clearer skies developing.
Peak rainfall at 2.39mm per hour, average rainfall at 1.74mm per hour.
The temperature will rise from overnight low of 7°C to 16°C between the hours of 14:00 – 16:00, before falling back to 8°C.
Wind Speeds + Gusts + Direction:
Wind speeds will be on the rise through the morning, and the afternoon will see these fall again. Peak wind speed at 18 MPH, with peak gusts at 24 mph, and average wind direction being S.
The pressure will show a gentle falling trend until 16:00, falling from 1011.1mb down to 1009.9mb before rising to the highest of the day at 1012.9mb.

Sunday 16th June 2019

Sunday is showing signs of staying dry until the afternoon once again. Any rainfall seen on the Sunday will be lighter than that seen on Saturday. The late evening will see drier spells develop once again.
Maximum rainfall per hour at 1.81mm, with the average rainfall at 1.12mm per hour. 
The temperature will fall to 5°C overnight, before rising to a high of 16°C once again. Thicker cloud cover and warmer air will hold the temperature in double figures all the way through the evening.
Wind Speeds + Gusts + Direction
Wind speeds will be higher than those seen on Saturday, with wind speeds hitting 22 mph at 16:00, and the gusts peaking at 30 mph also at 16:00, with the average direction being SW.
Pressure rising from 1012.9mb up-to 1016.3mb.

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