Rissington Kart Club – Mid-Range Forecast

Saturday 1st June:

The mid-range models are showing no risk of rain during the morning, but as we move into the afternoon cloud will begin to build, along with the risk of rain. The rain risk will peak at 14:00 at 45%, before decreasing through the evening.

The early risers will feel a refreshing chill in the air, before the sun begins to take hold. 09:00 will already see the circuit seeing temperatures exceeding 15°C, and the surface temperature climbing nearer to 20°C. The temperature is forecast to peak at 19°C, with the surface temperature peaking at 22°C. The forecast temperatures are for shaded areas, so in direct sunlight the expect it to feel more like 25/26°C, and the surface temperature to climb into the low thirties. The temperatures will then drop into the low teens heading into the late evening.

Wind speeds will remain low throughout the day, not rising past 10 mph. The wind will be blowing from the south-west, bringing an added warm feeling, as it brings warmer air in from the continent, as higher pressure rotates over the UK. Wind gusts will peak at 20 mph during the strongest gusts, but the average will be just 14 mph.


Sunday 2nd June:

Another dry day is forecast, but the highest risk at this time is 10%, this is during the late afternoon, as the risk of thunderstorms plays havoc with the model data. Thunderstorms are not the easiest weather types to forecast at the best of times, but with Rissington Kart Club being established at over 100m, the cloud tends to split and rotate around the hill.

A fresh start to the day again for those earlier risers, with temperatures not rising much above 10°C until 09:00, when the temperature will rocket to 16°C. 15:00 will see the temperature rising to highs of 23°C, with the surface temperature matching this. Again in direct line of the sun, do expect these temperatures to be 5-8°C higher.

The winds will be near identical to that of Saturday, but with the gusts only peaking at 12 mph compared to  the 20 mph seen the day previous. High pressure will still be dominating the United Kingdom, forcing the jet-stream north, and allowing the warmer air to flow in from the south


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