FRIDAY 14:00 - 23:00

Heavy rain showers are forecast for tomorrow afternoon and evening, bringing disruption to travel.

What to expect:

  • Flooding to a few homes and businesses is likely.
  • Bus and train services probably affected with journey times taking longer.
  • Spray and flooding on roads probably making journey times longer.
  • Some interruption to power suppliers and other services likely.

Further Details:

  • Whilst some places will escape them, some heavy showers will break out during Friday afternoon and evening. Some of these showers will be quite prolonged, with a chance of occasional thunder. A few places may see 20 mm rain falling within an hour and some spots may receive around 30 mm rain in a couple of hours. Following a spell of rain earlier in the day, this may lead to spray and surface water flooding on some roads.
Source: Met Office


Cloudy conditions are forecast for the morning, with the odd area of drizzle passing near the circuit. Throughout the afternoon the rain is forecast to intensify bringing 3-4.00mm per hour during the heaviest bursts. Heading into the evening, this rain will ease, with dry spells becoming longer and more regular.

The temperature is forecast to hit a high of 16°C, if a break in the clouds comes between 13:00 – 15:00, this could easily be 20°C+. A chilly start of 7°C will soon rise into the double figures, with 15°C being seen by 10:00.

Wind speeds will be fairly light with maximum speeds hitting 15 mph and maximum gusts of 28 mph. The average wind conditions will be SE, after an easterly start, before swinging west later in the day.

The pressure is forecast to tumble throughout the day from 1011mb down to 996mb.


A mixed day is forecast, with light rain showers dominating the morning, bringing some moderate spells but mainly under 2.00mm per hour, with a drier afternoon, but still the risk of showers passing over the circuit bringing intensities hitting 0.50-1.75mm per hour. The final couple of hours are expected to be lovely and dry with clear skies.

The temperature is forecast to hit highs of 16°C, but again if a clear spells develops between the hours of 13:00 – 15:00 this can easily rise to 20°C, whilst creating very humid conditions. A warmer start to the day, but just dipping down into the single figures for a brief 2 hour period.

The winds will be stronger than Friday with maximum wind speeds of 28 mph, with maximum gusts at 50 mph. The average direction will be WSW with SW being seen for 4 hours before and 3 hours after.

The pressure will rise rapidly throughout the day, rising from 997mb to 1019mb, an impressive increase but all too normal for this time of the year.


The driest day of the weekend, with clear skies being forecast from 07:00 through to 16:00. Cloud will build heading past 17:00, bringing an increased rain risk, but the showers are not on path to strike the circuit based on the latest output.

The temperature is forecast to hit a high of 17°C, with a chance of hitting 19°C, even with the coolest start of the weekend at 6°C.

Winds will fall back to usual levels between 10-12 mph maximum speeds, and gusts hitting 25 mph. Average wind direction will be SW, with a westerly being seen every now and again.

The pressure will remain stable, with slow increases or decreases between 1019mb – 1021mb.


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