Monday 17th June

Good Evening,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, trying to dodge the rainfall whenever possible! The unsettled turbulent weather is not over yet.


This evening we will see rainfall intensifying and moving north-east across Scotland, Northern England, Midlands and SW England. The chart animation below shows the movement of these showers through the evening and tomorrow morning.


Overnight we will see the mild double figures disappearing with the sun. Overnight the lowest temperature forecast will be for Cairn Gorm National Park down at 4°C, whilst North-East England coastline will continue to see 12°C through the overnight period, being warmer than London. Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and SW England are set to fall into single figures across the board, this dipping to a low of 8°C with the exception of the 4°C low and some other low temperatures spread across Scotland.


Tonight we will see low wind speeds and gusts flood England and Wales, bringing wind speeds down to 6-8 mph with some parts of the south seeing no wind with gusts hitting just 2 mph. Scotland will see wind speeds rising into the rush hour from the west, as a band of rain spreading the entire length of the country and a bit further to Northern Ireland moves in, bringing wind speeds to 24-28 mph and wind gusts up-to 38 mph. This area of moderate winds will ease off throughout the day, by late tomorrow afternoon, gusts will be down at 24 mph.

Average wind direction: SSW/SW


Tonight, there is a low risk of thunderstorms across the east of Scotland, with small pockets of moderate CAPE values, and the Lift Index hitting -2 at 19:00, before the CAPE and Lift Index figures level out. If you are across north Midlands and parts of the North-East you have a slim chance of a storm, but for the majority tonight will not be a good one storm wise.


  • Precipitation Animation (18:00 – 08:00)




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